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Ali & Jordan Nov 16

Alison regularly features on television around the world, including in the ongoing documentary Child of Our Time on BBC1. She also occasionally appears in the news, such as in 2005 when Marc Quinn erected a naked statue of her in Trafalgar Square.

'Passions: William Blake by Alison Lapper'

Aired on Sky Arts, 28th March 2017

Her most recent TV appearance was in the documentary Passions: William Blake by Alison Lapper which saw her attempt to create an artwork inspired by the British author William Blake. See the top of this page for some behind the scenes pictures.

Another recent documentary, in which Alison took on her role as presenter for the first time, was No Body's Perfect (BBC, 2016). With the help of world renowned photographer Rankin, Alison explores the daily battle that four diverse individuals have with self-confidence when it comes to their image. The film explores physical ideals and how to see beauty in oneself, despite physical or mental obstacles. Watch the documentary below: 

'No Body's Perfect'

Aired on BBC1, 10th November 2016

Also, the 2001 documentary Alison's Baby, about the arrival of her son Parys into her life, was a winner of the 2002 Prix Italia and Prix Leonardo award for best TV documentary. 

ITV News Meridien: Rematkable Women, Monday 4th March 2019

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